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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Makeup for Acne, Acne Scars - Accutane and Retin A Users

by Sandra A. Greenberg

People with acne have sensitive skin. People using Accutane and Retin A (tretinoin) have even more sensitive skin. I have been battling cystic acne since my teens. Trust me, I Know! I had my first dermabrasion when I was in my late twenties, and I have had several acne scar laser treatments since then. My dermatologist back in Connecticut is a big fan of Exuviance products. I started using the restorative cream when I was on Accutane the first time in the 1980's. Here I am 58 years old, and I am on it again. If you know acne, you know there is no cure for cystic acne. I am just so thankful that there is finally a treatment for cystic acne that I can benefit from. It was a number of years of silent suffering before Accutane was a solution for me since it has only been around since the early 1980's. There is no question that Accutane is not just the best acne medication for severe and cystic acne, but the only medication for severe and cystic acne. Now, let's get back on the subject of good make up. The restorative cream is meant for night time use, but my dermatologist, Dr. Barry Goldberg, Danbury, Ct. of Advanced Dermcare, suggested that I use it all the time. If you are a Retin-A user, or an Accutane user, or both, this product is an amazing moisturizer for that extra dryness that is an unpleasant side effect of both acne treatments.

The concealer is a bonus. It's not a miracle mask, but it tones down redness very nicely. Anyone with bad skin knows that less is better. The more stuff you pile on, the worse your skin looks. Because the concealer does not sit on top of your skin, it looks way better! Another option for "good makeup" is with the new mineral foundation that is so popular. I found that Raw Minerals Makeup worked best for me because of their colors. I have also used Bare Escentual Minerals Makeup and have found it very light and covers nicely as well. What is good about the mineral foundation is that it is light and not cakey, so it doesn't make your skin stand out when you really want to hide it.

Remember, less is better!

Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex 1.75 oz. Exuviance Concealing Treatment Makeup SPF 20 0.5 oz.

CoverBlend Multi-Function Concealer Spf 15 Beige 0.5oz

Raw Natural Beauty Active Mineral Foundation 0.07 oz

Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation

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